Door Construction

With our background in restoration carpentry, our barn doors are made just as they were hundreds of years ago.

Each piece of wood we use is hand selected with your project in mind. When back at the shop, each board is cut to width before we cut tongue and groove joints on each board so that they interlock securely with one another, creating strength and ensuring that the boards remain flush over time.

Each board is then hand planed which takes off a thin layer of the wood, creating a smooth finish and ridding the board of any machine marks which would have been visible otherwise.

The boards are then cut to length, and are ready for assembly and the fastening of the design.


Our doors are secured together through a technique called “clinching” by which the nails are first driven through the face of the board, then the point of the nail that is sticking out on the back is bent over and driven back into the wood. Clinching provides remarkable strength and gives the door a truly rustic look.

Clinch nails look like a round nail head on the front (design side) of the door, and like a large staple on the back.

Alternatively, we can use brass screws which are drilled in from the back of the door and are not visible from the front (design side) of the door.