Our doors start at $295 for a knotty pine door, with a basic design, that is up to 3 feet wide (36”) and 8 feet tall (96”). For more detailed designs, prices start at $350. This includes hand-application of the Minwax Wood Finish stain of your choice. If there is a certain stain color or particular brand that you would like to use instead, please let us know and we are happy to accommodate your selection.

For doors larger than 3 feet (36’’) wide by 8 feet (96’’) tall, or more complex designs, or if you wish to have your door painted rather than stained, please contact us for pricing details.

Our doors are typically finished only on one side, meaning only one side of the door is stained, while the back side remains unfinished. Of course we are happy to also finish the back side of the door if your installation calls for it, for an additional $75. We recommend finishing both sides of the door if the product will be used in any area of your home where both sides of the door will be visible.

Typically, our doors are not made with a groove in the bottom of the door to accommodate a guide. We do not include the groove as a standard feature as certain installations and/or hardware options do not call for it. If you’d prefer to have one installed, please let us know and we will gladly cut one in for you for an additional $15.

Hardware (track, handle, etc.) is not included, but we are happy to field any questions that you may have during your selection process. There is a wide range of hardware options available online, across various price points; the possibilities are endless!