Our Story

With a baby on the way, Laura began conceptualizing her daughter’s nursery, as every new mom does! With a penchant for rustic décor, she began designing it around two barn doors that she wanted her husband, Erin, a restoration carpenter, to make for her. The doors would be gray, and rustic, and would be a focal point for the room. Finally, one month before the baby was due, Erin made the two doors and installed them in the nursery; they were gorgeous!

Laura immediately began sharing and posting pictures of the nursery, and people couldn’t stop raving about the doors! It became clear that there was a market for Erin’s craftsmanship. Soon, he began making barn doors and selling them out of his workshop, and it wasn’t long before RusticRoo Designs was born (after his daughter, of course)!

Erin Schweitzer

Owner / Carpenter / Creator

Born in Australia, and raised in the Netherlands, Erin has grown up around the world.

After returning to Perth as a teenager, Erin began work as a tradesman. Several years later, after a chance meeting with Laura, Erin would ultimately follow her back to America where they married in 2009.

As an honorary New Englander, Erin began specializing in restoration carpentry, working on homes and barns from the 1600s – 1700s across Massachusetts and New England. He has a passion for woodworking, finish carpentry and creating rustic furniture and decor.

Erin is an avid soccer player, animal lover and proud father.

Laura Schweitzer

Owner / Customer Service / Marketing

Laura grew up in Connecticut but travelled to Australia during college for a semester abroad; she loved it so much that she returned Down Under upon graduating from Lehigh University, to earn her MBA at the University of Technology, Sydney. While there, she met Erin and convinced him to return home with her to New England, where they married and settled in Massachusetts.

Laura is not only the co-owner and operator of RusticRoo Designs, but also works in Marketing & Sales at a biotechnology company outside of Boston.

Laura is a devoted mother, an enthusiastic basketball/soccer/softball player, and a lover of animals, design, and all things rustic!